September 2019

2019 – an exciting year for TAIKA

This year TAIKA has been busy with many projects. 

We launched our new website in the beginning of the year. It took a lot of time and preparation, but we are very happy with the results. 

In January a group of TAIKA singers had the honour to sing at the Opening of the Judicial Year Special Session of the International Criminal Court. The event was broadcasted around the globe, and can be viewed on YouTube (we enter the room at 22:04, and sing again at 41:40).

TAIKA and Chorus Marinus, ‘Together’ 2019

In March we organised a concert titled ‘Together’ with Chorus Marinus, a fantastic Finnish male choir from Helsinki.

In May, we held our own annual summer concert, ‘Life full of song’, at the beautiful Het Nutshuis in the center of The Hague. The concert was a success, and it was sold out! 

TAIKA singers in Zeeland, 2019

This month we went to Zeeland for choir camp, and also hosted our first-ever concert in Zeeland: at the beautiful church of Nieuw en Sint Joosland. We had the honour to have the talented organist Tim Bouwsma play two pieces during the intermezzo. We will surely be returining to Zeeland in the future!

And behind the scenes we have been busy with our biggest project ever: we are making our own CD! 

On 28 September we are going to record the first part of the album at the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. We are very excited!

However, we are not quite there yet.  In order to be able to record the second part of the album and to release the CD, we need funding. For that purpose we have started our own crowdfunding page on the Dutch Voordekunst-crowdfunding platform. Go check it out. There you can also read more about the project (in Dutch and in English).

Do enjoy art and music? Please go support TAIKA, you will make us really happy!