Linocut print “Juuret”, limited edition


Unique linocut print designed specially for TAIKA by Päivi Kärkkäinen.

Unique linocut print designed specially for TAIKA by Päivi Kärkkäinen. Support cross-disciplinary artistic collaboration. A part of the income goes to the artist. Limited edition, get yours before it is too late!

A word from the artist

“Botanical, Choir & Roots – These were the main themes as I started my design process. I’ve done a lot of botanical illustrations and since they were the reason TAIKA contacted me for this collaboration, it was an obvious choice to stay on the topic.

I wanted to find a flower that represents the choir. The lovely Fritillaria Imperialis was perfect for this.
It’s a beautiful plant with bright inflorescence that towers over the other flowers, wherever it grows in the springtime.

The wild leaves on the top of the flower cluster turned into strong, flying roots of the past and present,  joining the members of the choir together by their common language and their passion of singing. And when they perform as one, they spread like the inflorescence of Fritillaria Imperialis, sending joy and goosebumps all around them.”


About the artist

Päivi Kärkkäinen is a Finnish printmaker and a graphic designer, who currently lives in the Netherlands. You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her linocut prints: @linojourney


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