8 June 2024 | 16:00

Doors will open at 15:30


Ticked price 20 €/ 10 €

Houtrustkerk, The Hague

Beeklaan 535, 2562BE, The Hague

Two Finnish choirs in one concert - in The Hague!

The concert is the continuation of many years of cooperation between the choirs. Pihlaja last performed with TAIKA in The Hague in 2016 in the concert ‘TAIKA and Pihlaja in het Paleis’. This joint concert between Pihlaja and TAIKA this summer will feature original repertoire from both choirs, as well as songs performed together by the choirs.

About Pihlaja:

Pihlaja, founded in 2003, is a long-standing Finnish female choir, based in Helsinki. Pihlaja belongs to the forefront of the Finnish choral scene. In 2023, Pihlaja was awarded the Association of Finnish Female Choir’s ‘Choir of the Year’-award.

Pihlaja is led by Karla-Maria Toiviainen, Master of Music, choir conductor. She has a long career as a choral singer, teacher of vocal techniques for choirs and as a choir conductor. Karla-Maria and Taika have a special relationship, she founded Taika in 2012 and was the artistic director of the choir until November 2020, when she returned to Finland with her family.

About TAIKA:

TAIKA is a The Hague-based all-Finnish female choir, founded in 2012. 

TAIKA aims to promote Finnish culture and female choral music in The Netherlands. TAIKA has a wide repertoire, ranging from folk to pop, with an emphasis on Finnish female choral music. 

Since January 2024, TAIKA has been conducted by Tuuli Korte, a versitile Finnish singer, violinist, and choir conductor. 


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