Crowdfunding campaign

Currently TAIKA is busy with its biggest and most ambitious project yet: we are preparing to record our first ever CD!

The album will be the choir’s musical visiting card, offering you the best of TAIKA: modern, fresh and youthful Finnish choral music, spiced up with a touch of Dutch magic.



The theme and title of the album is ‘roots’ (‘juuret’), as while the roots of all TAIKA singers living in the Netherlands lay in Finland, at the same time we have also grounded our roots here in the Netherlands.

We are getting ready to record the first part of the CD, with a cappella-songs, already in September 2019. The next part of the recording is in the planning for the beginning of 2020.


To be able to fund the CD project we need your help!

We have our own Voordekunst-crowdfunding site.

There you can also read more about the project (in Dutch and in English).

Do you live in the Netherlands, and enjoy art and music? Please go support TAIKA now!

Become our Sponsor

Finnish Female Choir Taika is a voluntary organization and depends entirely on the support of its choir members, loyal followers, both individual and corporate, and its concert audiences.

With individual concert audiences of up to 300, comprising both local residents and visitors, our traditional Summer- and Christmas Concerts are highly appreciated. Though our main focus lies on Finnish choir music and Scandinavian exoticism, we perform high quality international programme as well.

Your support enables us to enrich the Netherland’s musical culture through bringing the tradition of Finnish choir singing available to everyone.

Singing members themselves pay, through annual subscriptions, for the choir’s basic running and rehearsal costs. But we depend on the generosity of our supporters to help us maintain our musical ambition and financial sustainability. The support of our sponsors goes towards the substantial costs incurred in delivering our concert season – musicians, hiring of venues, musical scores and other costs.

There are a variety of ways your business or organization can support the choir ranging from a simple advertisement in a concert program to sponsoring a whole season of concerts.

Would your company be interested in hearing more about sponsorship opportunities?
Would you be prepared to introduce us to someone who might be interested?

If so, please contact us at and we will be delighted to discuss these opportunities and your requirements.