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September 2019

2019 – an exciting year for TAIKA This year TAIKA has been busy with many projects.  We launched our new website in the beginning of the year. It took a
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TAIKA - Finnish Female Choir
TAIKA - Finnish Female Choir
Last days of our crowdfunging campaing are here!
We have just five days left!

For those who have already participated in our campaign: thank you so much! If you have not participated yet, there is still time!

Support us now, we have many goodies for you to choose from, for example:
- TAIKA canvas bag 20€
- Your name on the CD 50€
- Linocut print 'Juuret' by Finnish artist Päivi Kärkkäinen (limited edition) 75€
- Personal video greeting 100€
- Free to use digital singing greeting 200€
- Company name on the CD 250€
- Company logo on the CD 400€
- A group (4-8) of TAIKA singers at your party or event (about 30 minutes of music) AND your company logo on the CD 700€
- TAIKA choir at your event (about 30-45 minutes of music) AND your company logo on the CD 1000€
- TAIKA concert (a full-length concert) at your event AND your company logo on the CD 2000€

October news from TAIKA -

Crowdfunding campaign: Final sprint -Christmas concert - Other news
TaikaChoir photo

Composer Carolina Cortés tells about the composition she made for @TaikaChoir Campeón Finlandés - Suomalainen Mestari

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